Startup Hack is a hackathon focused on problems, people, and process.


We believe that whilst good ideas may change, good teams do not.


So we’ve set out to create a hackathon where the focus is on creating exceptional founding teams that can build startups that last beyond the weekend.

Startup Hack takes teams – be they existing or newly formed – through the ‘build-measure-learn’ lean startup process. The weekend is spent validating ideas via speaking to customers; testing assumptions; and prototyping.


There’ll be plenty of experienced mentors and Angelcube program alumni on hand, injecting a jolt of momentum to take your startup to the next level. As well as some awesome prizes courtesy of Angelcube, Queens Collective, and more.



Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

— Margaret Mead —

How It Works


Entry to Startup Hack is by application. Selected individuals will be invited to the co-founder matching event, whilst selected teams will be invited directly to the hackathon.



Co-Founder Matching

The matching event is where you’ll find your co-founders. With instructions on who to look for, the aim of the night is to find people who pass the ‘beer’ test. That is, could you see yourself having a drink (beer, tea, etc) with them outside of work? Social lubrication will be provided.

Startup Hack Hackathon

This is where the magic happens. A fun filled weekend of startups. We’ve co-opted our best mentors, program alumni, and learnings from 4 years of Angelcube, and crammed them into a weekend. It will be challenging, but you’ll walk out better for it, possibly in a world changing startup!




Applications Close
Co-Founder Matching
Hackathon Open
Hackathon Close


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Can I apply as both a Visionary and a Technologist/Creative/BizDev?

Yes, but you will only be selected for one

Do I have to be available for the co-founder matching event to participate in the hackathon?

Unless you are applying as a Founding Team, yes.

What about people stealing my idea?

The reality of someone stealing your idea is this: ideas are worth nothing, startups gain value based on execution. The successful startups that you hear about in the news have often changed their idea markedly over the course of their journey from startup to company. Also, startups are really hard, most fail. The advantages gained from getting real feedback and a strong team motivated by collective ownership far outweigh the remote risks of someone stealing and executing on your idea.

Who owns the work?

 The weekend is more about hacking the startup process, less about hacking code. This means testing and validating assumptions, seeing how you get on with some potential co-founders, and better understanding what it takes to create a successful startup. Ownership of work over the weekend is left to the discretion of the teams.


The most promising teams will be invited to second round interviews for Angelcube's 2015 intake (on the proviso that they are still actively working come interview stage). Up to 5 teams will also be awarded 3 months free co-working space at Queens Collective in the CBD. Standard hackathon perks like hosting, service credits, etc will also be provided.

Dates, Times, Locations?

Dates and Times are as follows:

Submissions Close Midnight 19th March.

Co-Founder Matching Event 7pm - 9pm 19th March.


Day 1, Friday 27th March, 6pm - 12am.

Day 2, Saturday 28th March, 9am - 9pm. 

Day 3, Sunday 29th March, 10am - 6pm.

All events take place at Inspire9 co-working space on level 1, 41 Stewart St, Richmond.

Is there a cost?

The hackathon is free to attend and we’ll be providing participants with food and drink for Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday.


Positions allocated on a first come first served basis until all spots are full.

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